13 November, 2009

1990 Menghai 9062

I'm not a great fan of blends of shengpu/shupu. However, this is the first production of the 9062 recipe, and so I'd thought I'd give it a crack by buying a sample from Nadacha, where a brick currently sells for between £50 and £60.

1990 Menghai 9062
The mixture is obvious

The dry leaves are heavily fragmented, and appear to be a mixture of copper-coloured shengpu with darkened shupu leaves. The aroma is very pleasant, reminding me of rich plums.

Similarly, in the wenxiangbei, it remains appealing: a host of creamy, smooth scents with good duration come from the decent brown-orange soup. As pictured below, the miniscus is already yellowed.

1990 Menghai 9062

I first notice the powdery, damp texture and flavour of the shupu, but this combines well with the sharp, bitter twist of shengpu. Even after all this time, the two components are quite distinct, yet complementary.

The tea is absent much in the way of kougan [KOH-GAN, mouth-feeling, texture], which makes it seem a little bit dead. Can one be a little bit dead?

1990 Menghai 9062

Later infusions turn out to be lo-fi woodiness, with some gentle sweetness. While not the most clock-stopping of pu'er, it turned out to be enjoyable. I was ready to buy one of these, but the sample has convinced me otherwise, however.

If this tea were a Heidu facial expression, it would be:



Zero the Hero said...

I think my primary beef with this tea is that it gives up quickly, even compared to many 100% shu teas. That, and the shu flavor is quite a bit more pronounced than I'd like--maybe it's the extra age, but Nada's unwrapped 80's mixed brick seems a bit more smoothly blended to my senses. Still, there's something really nice-feeling in this tea's aftertaste. May I ask where you're seeing a £50-£60 price? I see £78.

Anonymous said...

I've not yet tried such a mix of sheng and shu and I didn't expect you to be pleasantly surprised, so my mind too is changed about it. But I'm a tea purist and such a mix to me is just a novelty like a fad to be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

...yes, a novelty/fad dating from the 1990s. Do you even read the entry before you comment?

Hobbes said...

Dear Zero,

I've since been informed that my note on the price was incorrect, so you're quite right there.

Best wishes,