Waving Back
Surrounded by Toys
Footprints of Friends
The Faint Red Line 
Bu Ganhuo
My Drawing Has a Tail
Seasonal Produce
Every Branch
When Rain Turns to Snow 
His Favourite Longcoat
Beijing Subway I
Beijing Subway II
Don't Worry, Teddy
The Fallen Leaves
Eight Chapters of an Academic Life, I-II
Eight Chapters of an Academic Life, III-IV
Eight Chapters of an Academic Life,V-VI
Eight Chapters of an Academic Life, VII-VIII
Ticking Clock
Little Dragon
Godzilla Rising
Twenty Sixteen, I-XII
Half-Chinese Boy
Haibun Guafengzhai
Osaka I
Osaka II
Osaka III
Osaka IV
Osaka V
Michaelmas Term
End of Trinity
Warrior's Blood
Is This My Zen Robe?
This Lungful
Beef and Cheese, I-VI
Every Eyelash
Academic Year, I-VIII
Hometown Street
5 a.m. Fatherhood
Cambridge Snow, I-VIII
From the Thin Briefcase
Asian Cyclists
Travel-Worn Satchel, I-VIII
Ducks on the Li River
Trinity Term, I-III
Taijiquan, I
Taijiquan, II
Midnight Hotel
The Diplomatic Mission
Plip! Plop! Plip!
Departure Lounge
The Old Willow Tree
Noonday Sun
The Royal Society
Westminster, I-IV
Admiring the Soap
Milan, I-V
Lost on the Way
Blank Pages
Under the Acer
The Fat Man
Li River Farmers
Catching Oneself, I-IV
Two Coats
One Stack of Teacakes
Summertime Branches
Quick! Quick! 
Two Little Boys
Willow Leaves
The Carpenter
Before the Smile
Pretty Lady
Morning Lecture
If Buddha
Balliol Lunch
Strong Bamboo Frame
Dawn Chorus
Bumping into Heaven 
Chinese, I
Chinese, II
Chinese, III
Chinese, IV
Chinese, V
Chinese, VI
Chinese, VII 
Chinese, VIII
Chinese, IX
Chinese, X
The Country Road
Humanities Dons
The Fat Man's Head
The More I Push
Baby Monitor
Asleep Fourteen Hours
Even Eros
His Second Winter
Green Pu'er
Beef Dessert
Empty Tearooms
Gentle Touch
Ganymede, Haumea
College Choir
Tits and Blossom
Young Boy's Sweets
Clouds Hurry By
Seldduc Elgnuj
Addressing His Men
A Quiet Prayer 
English Garden
Lawn of Sisyphus
China's Most Famous
Its Pain Soon Forgotten
Smoke Stacks
Ho ho ho Solo 
Puddle of Tea
Two Small Boats
Face Down
Empty Meadow
Burst of Sun
My Handkerchief Jumps
The Melting Snow
Clinical, I
Clinical, II
Four Centuries Old
Church Tower
Double Pushchair 
Little Legs
Fast-Moving River
Remote Village  
Temple Goldfish
Baby's Yellow Bib
Verse by Wang Wei
This Year's Apples
The Listener
Distant Guzheng Music
Before Forty Students
French Windmills
Telling Stories
Maliandao Baby
All Change at Hangyang
River Limmat
Cold Winter Wind
Eight Immortals Mountain
The Risk of Slugs
After the Interview
Mars is Hot
At the Toll Bridge
In the Rice Field
Distant Screams
Singing Bob Marley
Two White Foals
Bone Dry
In Heaven
Ancient Heat 
Leaving Home
The Warm Pool
Our Swift Boat
Malaya Hotel
I Have Altered the Bedtime
Walking to the Park
Nursery Rhymes
Childhood Puppy
Sweeping Old Bricks
Old Farmers
The Laughter of Birds
Nine Horse Mountain
Hello, Professor 
Chinese Main Street 
Concert in the Quad
Master's Collections
Broken Crane
Yellow Maggots
The Journey Home
Chinese Ladies
Cooked Meat
The Rooster Crows
Small Traveller
Surely This Bowl
At the Maternity Ward
On the Stone Chapel Wall
My First EU Grant
Guilin Winter Wind
Bead of Water
Is That Cherry Blossoms
Happy Easter
Warm Summer Street
Reading Haiku
Laolao Picks Luobo
Closing the Lid
Stalking Her Prey
Wi-Fi Authenticator 
Chinese Countryside
Nursery Breakfast
Office Lunchbox
Cup of Cold Tea
Morning Heidu
Sunshine Stops
Between Tutes
Sleeper Train
The Master's Garden
Every Cupful
Quiet Raspberries
Leaving Maliandao
Red Sun
After Our Meeting
Sitting at Lunch
Rice Paddies
Car Headlights
The Bald Man
Green-and-Yellow Squares
Ceramic Tink!
Anthony Collins
White Mist
Pick-Axe Stopped
Dropping from the Tree
Breakfast Finished
Little Finger Touches
For My Father
This Old Tea
Sandpaper Reveals
Edible Shell
The Naughty Man
Slow Malbec
Surprised By Warmth 
Passing in the Street
Slow Train to Guilin
The Aquaduct
Dawn Station
Between Madrigals
At the Taxi Rank
It Must Be New Year
The Tired Father
Minority Report
The Pebbles Sing
No Tea
A Shade of Clouds
In the Abbey Ruins
When My Son Cries
The Warmest Light
Flat Tyres, No Brakes
Outside Train Windows
The Last Birdsong
Chinese Script
Cactus Spines
The Last Red Embers
Water Jets
Tea in a Sunbeam
Caught in the Gongdaobei
Squishy Door?
Swaying Skilift
Cold Airport Dawn
Toasting the Elders
Desert Dawn
The Gentlest Sound
Have We Met Before?
Watching the Trees Bend
Rosemary Flowers
The Empty Platform
Slow Drips
Spring Showers
Maliandao Butterfly
Beijing Raindrop
Little Boy's Grin
Flutes and Snow
The Departing Train
Rainwater Butt
Mr. Anaconda
Distant Churchbells
The Second Nine
Above Beijing Mist
A Gentle Breeze
Twilight Birds
Slow Breakfast
Cold Summer Day
Senior Prof
Stern Businessman
At Least on Hoth
Roadside Farmer 
The Big Dipper (Matsuo Basho)
The Brushwood Gate (Matsuo Basho)
Carven Gods Long Gone (Matsuo Basho)
Chrysanthemum Silence (Matsuo Basho)
Dozing on Horseback (Matsuo Basho)
First White Snow of Fall (Matsuo Bisho)
Lady Butterfly (Matsuo Basho)
Soldier's Dreams (Matsuo Basho)
The Brushwood (Nozawa Boncho)
See the Heavy Leaf (Nozawa Boncho)
Snow at Dusk (Betty Dvornisk)
Weight Lifter (Garry Gay)
To Autumn (John Keats)
Museum Garden (Bill Kenney)
Buddha on the Hill (Kobayashi Issa)
Frog and I (Kobayashi Issa)
Autumn Mosquitoes (Masaoka Shiki)
And Death Shall Have No Dominion (Dylan Thomas)
The Blind Musician (Nicholas Virgilio)
Water Pools (John Wills)
River Clay (Rod Wilmott)
Breathing... (Rod Wilmott)
Cat's Yawn (Arizona Zipper)