07 June, 2011

Smoke Stacks

Oxford Clouds

smoke stacks
dragging the clouds
down to earth


Hobbes said...

This humble little nugget was written on the train, last week, as I returned to Oxford from York, in the north of England. There is some beautiful scenery between the two cities, not least a particularly large power plant sitting in a woody valley. Its eight smoke stacks (actually giving off clouds of water vapour) were arranged in a row of four pairs, as if eight guardsmen were standing watch over the countryside.

The clouds of steam connecting the smoke stacks to the clouds were unmoving - was the vapour ascending into heaven, or were the clouds descending into the enormous structures of the smoke stacks?

The haiga works by replacing the smoke stacks with some of the alternative structures that reach towards the clouds, in my home city.

MarshalN said...

I suppose those things in the picture can be called intellectual smokestacks

Hobbes said...

Sweatshops, more like ;)