07 March, 2012

Sunshine Stops

sunshine stops
on dusty temple rooves
and carsmoke

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Hobbes said...

There is a great deal of sunshine in Beijing, but also a great deal of air pollution. While many of the temples were destroyed, some remain, or have been rebuilt, and are visible from the main highways. The annual duststorms have left these neglected structures covered in dust. The courtyards seems to be shrouded from the sun, partly from the smoke churned out from the nearby highway. The warming touch of the sun can reach only the dusty temple rooves, and that canopy of carsmoke. Temple life across the land is being suffocated by similarly industrial effects - perhaps the sunshine will reach those old stones, one day.

The image contrasts the neglected, urban environment of Beijing temples with the much-loved, green environment of our garden. Here, the sun reaches every last blade of grass, and settles on each tiny particle of ice, as shown in the photograph. Perhaps the temple-like sanctity has an echo in our garden, too.