01 August, 2011

The Departing Train

Grenoble - Annecy

chasing after
the departing train -
a rushing silence


Anonymous said...

There is a surprising amount of content to digest in the photo.

Of course, that person deserves to be late. Utterly atrocious fashion that would dishonour the other passengers of the bus. Mickey Mouse umbrella? German Flag jacket? Is someone confused about exactly what this place is? The Shame!


Ani said...

Your blog is amazing. I can't believe I only found it now. I decided that just as I blog about pseudo tea, I should start reading real blogs about tea.

Have you ever considered submitting your haiku posts to Haiku Heights? I think it could help you get more exposure for this amazing blog.

Philippe de Bordeaux filipek said...

Beautiful picture.

Best Regards.


Hobbes said...

Hi, chaps and chapettes,

Thanks for the comments!

Shah - I love reading people's thoughts on these haiku and haiga. For example, this photograph is of a tourist, ambling slowly through the streets of... Grenoble, I think it was. The haiku, which was written on a train platform in the UK, gives the slow-paced photograph a sensation of speed! Is the tourist running?! Thanks for the observation. :)

Lola - most kind. I haven't come across Haiku Heights before, but will read into it in more depth. Thanks for the recommendation!

Philippe - thanks muchly; the quality of the photograph is more down to French architects than anything I could achieve with my humble point-and-click camera... :)