13 April, 2015

In Search of the Olde School

Gentle Reader, this article is all about taking it back to the old school.  This is because I am an old fool.  Furthermore, and in a very real sense, it is so cool.

Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here today in the sight of this package of copious samplage so that we might bear witness to the 2011 7542.

Let us drink.

Thanks be to Pu-erh.sk.

Yay, unto the mighty packets did come your humble correspondent, and verily did he chortle with great mirth and a slapping of thighs when his eyes did look upon a whopping variety of samples.  Like a man gathering wheat from the field in the time of harvest did he casually finger his way through the ark of tasty delights, only to come across something that didst confound his sight.

Verily I say unto thee, nothing good shall of CNNP after, let's say, 2005ish.  Thusly there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth as the 7542 revealed itself unto your humble correspondent.

Like the man that doth tear away his clothes only to be baptised in the river Jordan, so this CNNP cake was denuded of its raiments.

Small in leaf is the 7542, like the tiny firstborn shoots of the grain after the sowing.  Mighty rancid is its aroma, reminding the gathered throng that CNNP knows how to make 7542.  And lo, he meant rancid in a good way, and there was much delighting for he knew that it was good.

Before the days of Dayi, there was CNNP, and it was in the time of CNNP that they cooked up mighty 7542s.  Many were their tongs, and they did age quite nicely.  This is before the age of the cheapening, when Dayi did start making silly "Animal Year" cakes to which all did roll their eyes in abandon and mockery.  But still the CNNP did keep making its 7542.

So many shelves of the brotherhood were thus filled with 7542s that they began to wonder if modern CNNP could still take it back to the old school.  With great curiosity, they did sniff at the tea and realised that it was a little bit like 7542 as the scriptures foretold.  They did quaff, and conclude that throatiness and rough sweetness were to be had in good quantity.  And there was much rejoicing.

And LO, the CNNP spaketh unto them and they realised that the tea was indeed cooling.  Verily, it was a bit rough, but for just two sheckles (32 Euro) what does it profit a man to raise his voice in protest?

And so they were sated, and while greatly pleased with the price and the rough-yet-decent sweetness, they decided to keep their purses closed.  For there were many such fish in the sea, and many grapes on the vineyard, and many tongs at rock-bottom prices available at the right vendors.

So it was written, and so it shall be.

Temple Goldfish

temple goldfish watch
two travellers by the lake
using their smartphones


Unknown said...

You don't have credentials to join the Wu-Tang Lan?

Unknown said...

Whoomp there it is!

Hobbes said...

"Failed to join Wu-Tang Lan" is all you need to know. Sigh - I thought I had what it takes.

Hobbes said...

Dear Bradley,

In an interesting corollary, it has been observed that there is party over here and yet, almost defying causality, it has also been observed that there is, simultaneously, a party over there.

Further studies are required to draw any firm conclusions.



Unknown said...

If you are truly on a quest for the Old School. I have read that the Old School is located beneath the earths surface. The prefered method of travel to this subterranean wonderderland commonly known as "Underground" is a shovel.

Hobbes said...

I neglected to mention the haiku, silly me.

This one was written in Beijing, in the University of Beijing, in fact, a.k.a., Beijing University, Peking University, Beida, or "Place Most Likely to Smell of Tyres Being Burned in a Student Protest". Between the thick plumes of smoke from the near-constant student protests (I exaggerate, but just a little), Beida has a superdisco "water feature" in the middle. There is a statue of a famous poet sitting in the reeds on the far side. It is, in the words of that sage from the early 1990s, Ted Theodore Logan, "MOST TRANQUIL".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is usually surrounded by people with smartphones, much like anywhere else in THE JING, or anywhere else in China, or anywhere else within a few miles of a 3G mast. The glodfish didn't seem offended - just amused. Like your humble correspondent.

The image that makes the haiga, as you might have concluded, is from THE OTHER PLACE. A location so hideous, so malevolent, so terrifyingly terrifying that they have networks named "pretty fly for a wifi", which was perhaps the best line that The Offspring never wrote, and, as His Holiness has noticed above, "Wu-Tang Lan".

It still burns - the rejection from the Lan.