17 August, 2007

Tea Tasting Event

Kindly supported by Gordon at the Dragon Tea House, I'm happy to announce another tasting event for the tea-community.

Community Tea-Tasting Event
Sponsored by Dragon Tea House

You will receive three samples of 2006-7 shengpu bingcha, labelled red, green, and blue. Spend some time with them, and post your thoughts and notes. I shall draw together a summary of all notes at the end, and reveal the names of the cakes.

Your one clue is that the three cakes are from three well-known factories!

The rules:

i. Samples for this event will be sent out soon. Please only commit to joining if you are able to taste and review the three samples within two weeks of receiving them.

ii. Please e-mail your notes to me, so that I can draw the opinions together and form a summary. You're free to post tasting on your own web-sites, whenever you wish.

iii. As ever, the goal of the event is to share a tasting experience, learn from one another's approaches and observations, and generally to have a good time with some new teas. There's no pressure to correctly determine the identities of the cakes, but do have a guess if you wish - there's nothing to lose in a missed guess!

iv. Please contact hobbesoxon AT googlemail DOT com if you would like to take part. 15 places are available. Extra names will be added to the reserve list in case a spot becomes free later.

Many thanks to all the respondents - the slots for the event are now full, with the remainder added to the reserve list in case a position becomes free.


As ever, neither Hobbes nor the Half-Dipper has any connection with the sponsors; this event is arranged pro bono publico. Samples will be sent directly from Dragon Tea House. There is no charge for this event.


perpleXd said...

Fantastic! Count me in :)

Tuo Cha Tea said...

Ok, sent the mail, too


Proinsias said...

You've got mail!

speakfreely said...

Thanks for organizing this!

Hobbes said...

These events certainly fill up surprisingly quickly! Individual responses have been sent to all - thanks again for all the interest.



MarshalN said...

Do we know if these teas are on offer from DTH?

I'd imagine it would be. In that case... we can try guessing what they are :)

Hobbes said...

Well... yes, they are. :)

Excellent work, Holmes!