03 October, 2007

Dragon Teahouse Tasting

Many thanks to those brave souls that took part in the recent tea-tasting event. The three cakes in question [pictured] were:
Thanks to the tasters for all of the notes, and thanks again to Gordon at the Dragon Teahouse for being so good as to provide the tea, and go the considerable trouble of posting the samples.

An extra special award for service above and beyond the call of duty goes to Doddy for managing to match each tea with a different comic book!

Clicking on the links above should take you to the notes for each tea.

For completeness, see also notes on the 2007 Guoyan "Phoenix of Yiwu" at Tea Logic, and Ancient Tea Horse Road.


Brent said...

So the mystery is revealed... Thanks again!

Steven Dodd said...

I'm still working on the Blue sample. I know you are all anxiously awaiting for my choice of comic tidbit to choose as a theme.

speakfreely said...

Well, I'm glad I ventured to guess the identities. Got two out of the three manufacurers correct, anyway....