11 January, 2008

Going Postal

If you're anticipating tea from me, then there's a very good chance you might be receiving it soon! I've just packed off ten parcels to the Post Office, and they were heavy. Do forgive my tardiness in getting them all together - the studies are taking their toll. :)

I've been getting a lot of new visitors from Badger and Blade, lately - gentlemen, this one's for you...


David Lesseps said...

*** Runs out to check mailbox every hour ***

speakfreely said...

Ooo, I see mine! (and thanks for blurring out the addresses)

Steven Dodd said...

Is the brush for your pot or for your face? :)

MarshalN said...

I feel left out :,(

Hobbes said...

Apologies for the delay in responding! I've been at a conference - drinking a lot of qihong, as chance would have it!

Dear Dave and Carla,

Hope you enjoy 'em. :)


That's the mighty Super Badger, no less! Firm, yet comforting, and lathers like a dream!

Dear MarshalN,

Ah! Now that you're not in Taiwan, you can receive packages... I have just the thing in mind!

Toodlepip all,

Hobbes :)

Nada said...


thanks so much... let the sampling begin.


Bill said...

So you are Santa! I knew it!

MarshalN said...

Qihong is always good for conferences, although I still prefer good lapsang.

Not being in Taiwan is both a blessing and a curse

David Lesseps said...

DC -- wow! Thanks, the package arrived today.

I'm deeply touched and appreciative, but don't you think the 84 piece 2006 Menghai collection from Dragon Tea House is a bit excessive for a New Years gift? Now where am I going to store all of this?

with deepest gratitude,

Hobbes said...


Did the yacht arrive, too?!



Unknown said...

Greetings from "letterk". Very, very nice blog.

Hobbes said...

Howdy, sir - thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you called by.



dmac said...

Just thought I'd say hello, as a visitor from B&B (DMac there, and thanks for your info on the whisky). I'm enjoying your blog immensely, although it's a little overwhelming for an Asian tea novice such as myself. Eh, I suppose its the same in the tea world as it is in whisky - drink and learn.


Hobbes said...

Welcome, Dave - just like whisky, yes indeed... some of those earthy old pu'er teas come dangerously close!