05 January, 2008

2004 6FTM "55th Anniversary"

Continuing the rediscovery of a factory that I had previously avoided, a few words on the 6FTM cake produced to commemorate the... 55th anniversary of the P.R.C. Methinks the chaps at 6FTM have run out of things to commemorate.

Let's get cosy with the tea. Thanks in advance to Norpel for the generous sample.

It's a yinzhen [silver needles] bing, and is correspondingly green-and-white, comprising furry tips and tiny leaves (see below). These can be refreshing teas, while it is said that they do not change greatly with age. For this reason, I keep a very small supply of yinzhen tea from Maliandao for drinking when the mood arises.

The soup looks like a good Chablis, and is similarly fresh in the wenxiangbei. The lengxiang [cooling-down scent] is wonderful: creme brulee!

Flavourwise, it is fairly predictable: an opening of wild grasses, before turning into a smooth mushroom as it proceeds to the throat. The texture is quite thick and smooth, too, though it requires some bullying in order to force a huigan out of it.

Over the course of the infusions, it changes little, but does its job smoothly and pleasantly.

I cannot find any details of this tea on-line; Norpel notes that it was bought from Awazon. It's a good yinzhen cake.

Given that the resident don of the tea-world (Corax) recently posted here, in his honour, a small insurgent apostrophe from one of my other existences...


Philippe said...

Your first picture is very nice ;-)
I like this kind of ambiance.

La Galette de Thé

Hobbes said...

Salut, Philippe!

In the middle of a grim and rainy day, there was a splash of sunlight that transformed our little tea-corner into something special; I'm very glad that you liked the photograph. :)



corax said...

this is just wonderful! i had a good chuckle over it. loved the details, esp the clock on the mantel ... thank you hobbes!