21 May, 2008

Lift Up Your Heads

I am a great believer in celebrating gestures of kindness when they occur, and feel that public recognition of two vendor-related kindnesses would be appropriate. So, then, credit where credit is due to:

i) Skip4tea.com - Wes and Mike have recently ordered cakes which were not packaged too well, and their tea was damaged. I mentioned this while discussing an order of my own, and the company offered to send them both replacement cakes.

(Actually, I think that those replacement cakes might be coming to me, and that I will need to send them onto you chaps, but this gives me the opportunity to throw in some samples of my own for you, so I won't complain. Wes, do please give me your address!)

ii) Yunnan Sourcing - an order of mine (some 4-5 cakes + samples) from two months ago has not yet arrived, being five weeks late. On discussing a subsequent order, Scott offered to just include duplicates of the contents of my first order with my second order.

Angel and Greyhound Meadow
(After experiencing good customer service, I tend to adopt the above posture.)

Good customer service in both cases, and worthy of commendation, I think you'll agree. I heartily approve of mature business.

(I'm sure that it goes without saying I have no affiliation to either company.)


Wes Crosswhite said...

No complaints from over here!

I shot you a message on FB, let me know if you don't get it.

Hobbes samples, woohoo!

Hobbes said...

Dear Wes,

I've got your Facebook message - I'll send them off as soon as they arrive (that could be 1-2 weeks, I guess?).