06 August, 2008

No Tea


opening my eyes -
no teatray, no teapot
no teataste, no tea


TeaMasters said...

Close your eyes -
A teatray, a teapot
Tea leaves and tea

Salsero said...

Boy, you guys have both gone wacky!

Matt said...

You truely understand tea.



Stacey said...

This is beautiful. I rarely thing of using b/w for my tea photos, but it really highlights the lovely simplicity of design.

~ Phyll said...

open one eye -
half a teatray, half a teapot
half a tea leaf,
and half a cup of tea

Anonymous said...

In my mind open,
no teaware,
but teataste


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Someone must have stolen them while you were asleep.

Bill said...


Mr. Rush said...

I like your style!