23 January, 2009

2008 Menghai 0622 (801)

Eater of Worlds
I am the Devourer of Worlds, the Eater of Souls.

The dark (somewhat furry) gods are angry and demand sacrifice. They require tobacco-style shengpu with plentiful energy at an inexpensive price.

It's time to break out the 0622-801.

2008 Menghai 0622-801

I stayed clear of the 0622 in previous years, thinking that it was created to feed the insatiable thirst of the dark gods during the 2006-07 boom. However, it turns out that it's a good recipe after all, showing that the dark gods might know a thing or two about shengpu.

It's also a little bigger than a normal sacrifice, weighing in at 400g rather than 357.

2008 Menghai 0622-801

As its name suggests, it's been going since 2006, and is constructed using baby grade-2 leaves. Looking at the above, you can see that they're rather dainty. They're also quite dark, which is due to the maocha coming from spring 2006-07.

The recipe itself is based on the tarty, zesty 7532 and the 1992 fangcha [square tea], which is one I've never tried before. Given that the 7532 isn't rammed full of tobacco characteristics, and this cake is, I suspect that the 1992 fangcha must be the source of this rather fine addition to the usual Menghai gamut of flavours.

2008 Menghai 0622-801

The pretty little leaves have a pungent sweetness about them, which lasts forever. Menghai always give you plenty of oomph, which is A Good Thing.

The soup, shown below, is just about orange. Something's been changed in this tea in order to get that colour. A few sips of that booming tobacco and it's clear what's happened - but it's a good happening. Plenty of ku [bitterness] has been retained, enabling a beefy huigan, and it has a slick body to it. It reminds me of the higher-end Baoyanesque productions of Xiaguan, such as the Duling Fengsao, and the FT Baoyan mushroom (both of which are exceedingly yum).

2008 Menghai 0622-801

Every time I think I'm in danger of writing a little too pompously, I read as much of the above book as I can tolerate, and promptly come straight back down to earth. Okakura had many virtues, but a writer of humble prose he was not, which makes this otherwise-classic book quite unpalatable to me.

Unlike this tea. This tea is very palatable, and exceedingly humble. The price is low, the energy is high, the flavour is delicious, and I don't appear to own enough of it. I ought to remedy that situation before the dark gods awake from their slumber, once more demanding sacrifice to satiate their eternal thirst...


cha sen said...

I do think that there is something about tea that draws our feline company inexorably to it:)

MarshalN said...

Is this a new member of the family?

Hobbes said...

Dear Cha sen,

Drinking tea is lazy, easy-going, quiet. I can see why it attracts cats. :)

Dear MarshalN,

It's probably more accurate to say that our house is one of The Dark One's properties - He belongs to a family up the road, and spends His mornings curled up in our lounge. He seems to have lots of servants spread throughout the street servicing His various requirements. :)



Justin said...

Hello! I'm new to pu, and I tried a sample of this and didn't like it. It's the only Menghai that I have had, does the 0622 taste comparable to the other Menghai cakes? I guess what I want to know is if I don't like the 0622 am I even going to like other Menghai stuff.

The only other sheng that I have tried is the 2003 Keyixing and I liked it at first, but then found it to be bland after getting through the whole sample.

Maybe I just need to try something a little lighter like the 8582? I was planning on a purchase from YS, and I just don't want to waste money on beengs I'm not going to like. Any recommendations?


Hobbes said...

Dear JT,

Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the Half-Dipper!

The 0622 is not at all typical - it's more towards modern Xiaguan smokiness. However, it is based on a solid Menghai foundation, familiar to that factory. For typical Menghai, try the 7542 - or, if that proves too bitter for you, perhaps the 8582. Those are the two clasic blends, and should be very inexpensive for you to try.

Please let us know how you get on!



NorberT said...

Hi Hobbes
Did you try this tea recently? What is your opinion after a couple of years. Royal puer sells this cake for a good price.

Hobbes said...

...in which case I must try to remember to revisit it! Thank you for the suggestion!



Taetea / Dayi Tea Fan Club (马来西亚大益茶友) said...

Revisited the 0622 on 2 Oct 2013 with the following tasting notes for 801 0622 & 901 0622:
Color of liquor - 801 - Red / 901 - Golden
Astringency - 801 – None to Minimal / 901 - Strong
Smokiness - 801 & 901 - None
Dryness (mouth) - 801 - None / 901 - Some
Hui gan - 801 - Strong / 901 - Some
Flavor / body - 801 – Deep / 901 - Fair
Overall value - Both - Excellent if compared to 2013 entry prices
Purchase again - 801 – YES / 901 – MAYBE

Hobbes said...

Dear James,

You now have me in the mood to try my 0622 - thanks!