03 August, 2009

2009 Meiguohao 901

Some teas just detonate inside the mouth and leave you reeling. Meiguohao 901 is one of these explosive numbers.

Let's get closer to "ground zero"...

Disco Inferno
The pub at the far end of our garden recently caught fire - is this a Fire Elemental?

This cake sells for just $10, which is superbly inexpensive. Maximum kudos to Puerh Shop for keeping the price realistic.

Sadly, it's also sold out. In my order for a 902, 903, and 904 cake, Jim kindly enclosed a sample of the 901 so that I could see what I'm missing.

2009 Meiguohao 901
The Manhattan project in small, dark leaf format

Don't the leaves look small and dark? The aroma of the dry leaves is quite quiet. Like a bomb in its quiescent state. Nuclear carnage bottled up in a small container.

Add some water for the rinse... and maximally mungous Menghai scents are unleashed, as the dogs of war are let slip. Chunky, chunky, chunky - heavens, how I miss Menghai. I love that patented, original, satisfying Menghai character.

2009 Meiguohao 901
Behold, I am become death, destroyer of worlds

The aroma of this tea is exactly like Dayi. Long, pleasant, sweet, grain-like... you know the drill. In the mouth, it's just like Dayi - but more. Bigger, cleaner, more vivid, and longer-lasting. I like it. Very much.

It ends well, and has plenty of texture. My unashamed bias towards Dayi flavour makes me very positive towards this tea - highly biased, and proud of it. They contain great flavours.

My attention thoroughly captivated, I delve into the depths of this tea and find hints of wildflowers over its solid, leathery base. Marvellous stuff.

2009 Meiguohao 901
The calm after the storm

There is a Lincang character in this tea that is obvious: a strong savoury, cereal-like tone that runs throughout. To my great satisfaction, I note the product description: "Three leaves of Menghai and one leaf Lincang", writes Puerh Shop with a welcome touch of poetry.

Why is the 901 the only Meiguohao the only one that's sold out, when it's the one that I love the most? Oh cruel fate! Woe, woe!

Late edit: Puerh Shop have restocked this tea. May choirs of angels sing them to their rest. Cherubim and seraphim continually do cry. My credit card details leap from my fingers.

Later edit: another session with this tea - somewhat less impressed, but it's still great value and a really solid Dayi-style tea. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have fallen in love with this tea right when you thought you couldn't get any. That would be the principle of scarcity persuading you to want it more and more. But I'm glad it's such a good value as so much tea for the money. It's nice to hear that about any tea. --Jason

Hobbes said...

Dear Jason,

I'm sure that has something to do with it! When I tried it for that third sitting, I was in quite a hurry, which is never a good state to approach the tea-table. Although my samples has been exhausted, I'm looking forward to revisiting it again when the actual cakes arrive.

Either way, it's great value for a mere $10.



Ecclenser said...

I was also able to get a sample of this along with some 904. I started with the 901 and was not impressed. It is simple yet fresh, which I quite enjoy, however I found little dynamic in it. It also didn't have much tobacco/leather going on, which Dayi has in some of their sheng.

Indeed, worth $10! It was rich enough, just somewhat thin. I'd get one if it wasn't sold out.

I enjoy reading your blog on and off, and I appreciate the self acknowledged biases which help (us) the reader.


speakfreely said...

"Mungous". I often increase my vocabulary reading your blog, but I failed to find a definition for mungous. Is it the the second part of the word that begins "hu"?

Sipping some fairly unexciting long jing,


Hobbes said...

Dear Ecclenser,

I liked this tea more when I piled loads of leaves in. It makes it harder to manage the bitterness, but it gives a solid character - give it a whirl!

Dear CB,

It is indeed. Mungous mungnaeity! I hope all is well out there :)



Bill said...

I do believe that Jim did quite well. Certainly a bargain when compared to offerings of equal price. Btw, the 2005 SE Asian Puerh Fair Big Tree is really starting to blossom! I remembered you also enjoyed this particular offering when I reviewed on my blog.

Cheers Mate

Hobbes said...

Dear Bill,

Now there's a cake I had forgotten about entirely! It's been two years since I last checked on the 2005 Changtai. Thanks for reminding me!

(It's a shame that the 2nd Trade Fair cake, from 2006, didn't turn out so well. I remember loving the 2005, as you rightly mention!)