13 September, 2009

2009 Meiguohao 903

The last of the Meiguohao* from Puerh Shop for this year, I think that it has the one of the prettiest wrappers. That counts for a lot in my book. I'm a shallow man.

*edit: except the 905 that was apparently just released while I was writing this.

2009 Meiguohao 903
Peacocks: not so friendly in real life

While the 904 was clean and probably the most expensive, the 901 was a chunky Dayi variety, and the 902 started nicely, I don't know what to expect from this tea, which came from Zhanglang area of Menghai.

2009 Meiguohao 903
Meiguohao Zhanglang Qiaomu Qingbing [America-brand Zhanglang arbor green-cake]

New cakes look so beautiful, particularly when the leaves retain some of their integrity. Look at the little beauty below - alluring, non? Lovely folded tips and large leaves... I almost want to take a bite out of it.

2009 Meiguohao 903

Big leaves! Dark and green, with a slightly savoury aroma, I remain very hopeful.

2009 Meiguohao 903

Bright yellow soup, if a touch thin in colour, this looks decent. The aroma is sweet, but quite distant.

It has a very, very sweet body - high, long, and constant. Eventually, it descends into a solid huigan. The texture is smooth and thin, while its character is green, with some savoury notes.

2009 Meiguohao 903

This cake jumps between many genres: sweet, savoury, slightly sour. The leaves are good quality, being sharp and clean, but the blend seems undecided as to what it wants to be.

2009 Meiguohao 903
I defy you not to fall in love with these leaves

The 903 is sweet and sour with a good huigan. Like the other 2009 Meiguohao, it is clean and enjoyable - at its current price (under $15), it's good value. It didn't captivate me into buying more, but it's very decent, and a considerable improvement on the 2008 cakes.


Mike said...

I appreciate your reviews of the lower priced, easy to acquire pu-erhs. They're a great service, as I'm new to pu and trying to get an idea of what's worth trying out in that big world. I actually went from your blog to puerhshop and ordered a bing of the American Hao 901.

I was the Mike who asked you on B&B about Taobao, and I'm proud to report that I ordered a nicely priced 7542-801 through a buying agent. I think your blog is to blame for that purchase as well. I'm dangerously tempted every time I see the agent come online in skype now. I need to remind myself not to buy things that I can't sample, but it's great writers like yourself who spoil that plan.

Good tea to you

Hobbes said...

Dear Mike,

Good work, sir! I'm very glad to hear that you've been finding some good ones out there.

Did you use Taobaonow?



Mike said...

I went through myobook.net. I would like to try out Taobaonow and see how their shipping rates compare, perhaps for my next order. The obook agent I dealt with on Skype had a lot of fun with the order, and got it for $18 shipped to Brazil via air.

Taobao seems to be a goldmine for teaists, if only we could overcome those killer freight charges.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and sour. I hate to say it but this has made me think of cheap "Chinese" food that's really American. I'd like to know what this tea felt like spiritually beyond just its taste. I'm always interested in the surprising virtues of low-priced teas. --Teaternity