19 March, 2010

The Fat Man

on the fat man's smeared lenses
of thin people


Anonymous said...

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Ruqyo Highsong said...

I know this has nothing to do with the current post, but...

Where can I get some of these tea cakes? Are there certain websites that you can recommend to me? I want to try tea more like yours, I want to get one of those big tea cakes and try one of them.

Preferably something not to heavy. I can't stand black teas.

-Asiatic Fox

Ruqyo Highsong said...

Also, I did my first ever tea review on my blog. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance,
~Asiatic Fox

Hobbes said...

Dear Asiatic Fox,

Your teaset (the white one) is very pretty - may I ask where you bought it?

There are plenty of good places to get pu'er tea on-line. My favourites include Hou De, Essence of Tea, and Yunnan Sourcing.

You mention that you'd like to buy cakes, but I suggest buying samples first - a cake is usually 375g, and you don't want to be buying that much tea unless you're sure that you'll enjoy it! You mentioned that you're not after something that's too heavy, so perhaps try some of the "Xi Zi Hao" samples from Hou De to begin with, because they're good quality and typically quite light and accessible.

Most importantly, let us know how you get on.

Best wishes, and toodlepip,


Ruqyo Highsong said...

I got my teaset at Teaopia. There's a location here in my town (of Barrie, Ontario, Canada). The product can also be ordered online:

Teaopia is a pretty good place for loose leaf tea. They've got roughly 100 varieties. However, they haven't quite got the stuff that you get, and so I was curious as to where I could procure some cakes. Thank you very much for providing those links.

I'm determined to become more knowledgeable and more acquainted with tea, and so I'm trying to get as many varieties as I can. It'd be awesome to somehow acquire that 1960's one that you had...sixty plus infusions? Holy crap. I WANT that.

Asiatic Fox

Hobbes said...

Dear Asiatic Fox,

I think Houde sell some very good aged samples - you'd pay quite a bit evenf or 10g of the really old shengpu, but a delicious 20-year-old tea sample could be had for a very reasonable price. Essence of Tea, likewise, has some great value samples, and you can buy in multiples of a single gram. (You'd probably need at least 5g, probably 7g, to have a good session.)



geneviève meylan said...

I love your happy-philosophic-enjoying-life cat !

Hobbes said...

He's the real star of the Half-Dipper...