01 June, 2010

2005 Gan En "Banzhang"

Today, a visit from His Grace, the Archduke of Chubbington.  We considered ourselves uniquely favoured to be blessed with his company. 

Heidu Visitation
I require your calories, not your lubbings, human.

This "Gan En" Banzhang is, according to the product description at Essence of Tea, a cake that Nada found for sale in Taiwan, after recognising it from an article about Banzhang teas in Mr. Fisher's on-line magazine, The Leaf.  The latter praised its sweet content.

2005 Gan En Banzhang
Small and large leaves blended with huangpian [yellow flakes]

Like other good Banzhang, this one is long, clean, and sweet.  I wrote that "it rings like a bell", in that it continues to resonate well in the mouth, after the swallow.  Again, like other good Banzhang, it is vibrant in the mouth (literally - it feels mildly effervescent on the tongue), and has a clean, sweet base with plenty of interesting grape-like fruits over the top, that dwell in the nose. 

2005 Gan En Banzhang

This was one of the first teas that I tried after my six-month long hiatus from proper tea sessions (caused by house renovation, ending in early spring).  I liked it... but I didn't know if I liked it to the tune of £75.  While elegant, it didn't really grab me.

While debating with myself whether or not to buy it, I noticed that Nadacha wasn't actually selling the whole cake - just samples, the whole bing having sold out.  Happily, this removed the dilemma from my mind.  I found just one location on Taobao that had it available, but at a still higher price.

2005 Gan En Banzhang

So, without too many tears shed, I enjoyed the remainder of my sample and bid it farewell.  Enjoyable and elegant, but not really my favourite style.  It is one to appreciate for its clarity and purity, rather than anything more engaging.


Unknown said...

The Tea sounds amazing. I really should order from Nada more often!

Enjoy your June!

Kim said...

For me this is an amzing banzhang,
I am very happy that I have three
bings in my storage... :)

Hobbes said...

Your capital outlay always amazes me, Dr. K :)



Kim said...

It has changed rapidly since I am
married :)...