25 July, 2011

2011 Essence of Tea "Gushu Shupu"

What kind of evil genius makes shupu out of gushu [ancient tree] leaves?

2011 EoT Gushu Shupu

Even after the compost-heap effect of the wodui [damp pile] process used to make shupu, the leaves look pretty, as shown above.  They are medium in length, and darkened nicely.

2011 EoT Gushu Shupu

This is a rare afternoon session, because most of my time for drinking tea occurs in the mornings.  I also try to avoid afternoon tea-drinking in order not to affect my sleep, which is rare enough as it is when given Xiaohu's tendency to wake throughout the night.  The afternoon sun lights up the tea dramatically, pictured above, and the comforting warmth of the shupu is most welcome in this slow part of the day.

2011 EoT Gushu Shupu

Unlike many shupu, this has a pleasant tanginess, left over from its raw state.  The soup is so very clean, and smoothly, fine-grainedly particulate.

Also unlike many shupu, it has a significant energy, and a vibrancy on the tongue.  The voice of the gushu leaves may still be heard.

Xiexie indeed to Nada for this charming session.


Marlonm said...

Those are indeed some good looking leaves, did they come loose?

Also, do you use your aroma cup for puer? I've only used mine for taiwanese oolongs, and even so rarely do use them. Maybe I'll have to bring them out next time a break into a good shupu.

Thanks for sharing

Hobbes said...

Dear Marlonm,

In my sample, the leaves were loose, but I believe that Essence of Tea sells this as a bing.

Aroma cup for pu'ercha - yes indeed; I wouldn't be without it, in fact. There is a great deal of information in the progression of the scent in the aroma cup that I cannot obtain from sniffing lids, empty drinking cups, etc. To each his own, of course.



Marlonm said...

Thanks Hobbes,

I think I'll start using my aroma cup to pick up on some of the nuances in aroma that I may be missing.