04 October, 2011

End of Trinity

Garden Log

end of Trinity
the sound of the spiderweb
stirred by the sunbeam

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Hobbes said...

The term system here is, like most things, a touch antiquated / baffling. "Trinity term" includes not just the summer term, but also the long vacation, which runs until October. Hence, "Trinity term" is about five or six months long, whereas our other two terms are two months long each.

The significance of Trinity term is that it incorporates so much: holidays away from the city, Final examinations, or, in recent memory, heavy perspiration - the doctoral thesis deadline for most students is at the end of Trinity.

The end of Trinity this year was an entirely different affair, as if someone was giving us a break. The weather was record-breakingly hot, my mother had taken Xiaohu out to play in the park; Lei and I were relaxing in the garden, catching our breath between a crazy summer and the start of next academic year.

It was totally silent, baking hot, and the only sound was the movement of a spider's web.