29 November, 2011

Green Pu'er


green pu'er
every last infusion
is the first


Hobbes said...

Maybe this haiku is self-explanatory. It came about as I remembered a Zen story. I am not near my books at the moment, and so cannot look it up; I will give you my vague recollection of the story - perhaps that is the best kind of recollection, because it more accurately represents that which I have understood in the story, rather than the actual text.

It is a story of a Zen master - in China, I think, making this a story of Tang- / Song-era China. The master sweeps and cleans the house, caring for his wife, who is poorly. He does this every day, up and down the house, repeating the same actions over and over.

He is asked, "Are you not bored with doing the same thing every day?" He answers, "Every day is the first. How then can I be bored?"

Making "every day the first" is a healthy by-product of a life well-lived, I suspect. It is something of which I remind myself from time to time.



Sébastien said...

Like it.
Even if my feeling is that for most aged pu-erh it is the case, not only green ;-)

Aaron Chu said...

Looks amazing.
The post-steeped photo of the puerh looks such high quality. T_T
I am jealous right now.
Is it possible to re-steep more than 3 times?