08 February, 2012

The Fat Man's Head


the force
of the fat man's belch
rolls his head


Hobbes said...

The lab in which I do much of my research is in the main university hospital, which was built on the city's only hill. This means that I whizz down the hill on my bike to eat lunch (and, every now and again, teach) in my college.

At the bottom of the hill is a junction with traffic lights. My bike came to an abrupt stop just as a bus, on the other side of the junction, came to a similarly sudden halt. The large front window of the bus gave an excellent view of the charming chap who was driving it - he was well-built, and, presumably, no stranger to large lunches himself.

I watched with fascination as he let out a large, silent, sudden belch. Of course, I could not hear him - his bus was far away, and it was a busy road. However, the sheer force of his exhortation causes his entire frame to oscillate, as if someone had dropped a large stone into a still pond. I watched with fascination as the waves of flesh vibrated around his frame; like waves on the surface of the water, they sometimes met in antiphase, causing destructive superposition; they sometimes met in phase, causing even greater amplitudes. I watched those waves of flesh die away, as one might do the ripples after the stone has sunk into the pond.

It was a beautiful sight.

As the light turned green, and I peddled off to my college, the bus driver's chins and other miscellaneous flesh had reached a state of tranquil quiescence, and all was still on the surface of the pond once again.



Anonymous said...

I firstly very much like this story, as I drive a school bus myself and have many a-large lunch coworker, and have many times witnessed this beautiful site. Anyhow I would like to thank you very much, for a few months ago pointing me in the right direction as I was entering the world of sheng puerh. I have since ordered various samples from Yunnan Sourcing and Puerh Shop and a few of the cheap small cakes. I have since come over to the raw side as I drink it every day now. Was previously drinking mostly oolongs but I am filled with great chi from the shengpu. I am mesmerized by the complexity and differences between the different shengs. My favorites as of now are as follows. From YS 2002 Hai lang hao ai lao shan mini cake-not complex but great taste,2011 YS wu liang mountain, from PS 2005 yiwu mansa ancient tree, 2003 yiwu zhengshan old tree-strong camphor aroma. And the 2009 YS mang fei fills me with extra strong chi.

Thanks again,
Emeterio Guzman.

Looking into the older cakes any suggestions. About to put my next order in.

Hobbes said...

Dear Emeterio,

It seems as if you're having a very successful time; thanks for the comment. In terms of older cakes, Essence of Tea is very reliable, and you can sample before buying. I'd start of with the cakes that are from the late 90s, because they're not too expensive, and great cakes with which to get started.