14 March, 2012

Leaving Maliandao


leaving Maliandao
sitting on taxi roof
wide-eyed sparrow

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Hobbes said...

Both the sparrow and I were leaving Maliandao; I was walking back to the bus-stop, he was taking the scenic route out, on the roof of a taxi. His wide-eyed expression suggested that he was rather surprised to be leaving the tea district. I was impressed that he could calmly sit on the roof of a moving taxi, and watched him and his mount disappear around a corner.

Xiaohu's toy monster looks slightly less surprised and, mimicking the style of its owner, perhaps slightly more mischievous. If the monster could cackle, it would. In the image that makes up this haiga, it is the maocha on the plate that has done the travelling from Maliandao, not the wide-eyed spectator.