20 April, 2012

2003 Wuchidao "Mengku Zhengshan"

Wuchidao whonow?  This is a generous complementary sample, included in a recent purchase from Yunnan Sourcing - thanks to Scott for the gesture.

This is one of those random, small-label productions that crops up every now and again; in this case, Scott bought a bunch of them from a friend in Dongguan, where they have been stored in the mighty Guangdong humidity for some years.  I appreciate the touch of storage in a super-humid, environment, and am consequently something of a fan of Hong Kong and Singaporean pu'ercha.

2003 Wuchidao Mengku
Colour-correction incorrect, methinks

The dark, medium-sized leaves (shown above, although somewhat less scarlet in real-life) have the spicy, mineral aroma that I typically associate with south-China storage.  It is a Lincang production, which is one of my favourite areas for good tea, but which often don't turn up in "traditionally stored" format.  Thus, this session offers something of an opportunity to try an old favourite from a slightly new angle.

2003 Wuchidao Mengku

It is a clean cake, and is both sweet and vivid.  The finish is lightly mouthwatering, which causes me to think that it is still "alive".  While not heavy, nor rich, its clean, sweet, humid nature is most enjoyable.  The southern spiciness marches on solidly for many infusions, deviating little.

2003 Wuchidao Mengku

This cake is inexpensive, at $35 - bearing in mind that it will be nine years old this year.  Scott is typically fair in his pricing, and this low price is appropriate for what is, ultimately, a rather simple tea.  It is warming, and enjoyable, and humid... but not the most complex cake you'll ever try.  I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy it at home, but don't see myself pursuing it much further.

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