14 November, 2012

The Yellow Maggots

Pilau Rice

after cleaning away
the yellow maggots -
pilau rice


Hobbes said...

This one is quite grim! A spare room had a bad case of little wriggly yellow maggots crawling over the walls and ceiling. After much investigation, we tracked the cause down to a bag of dried Chinese mushrooms, held in storage along with some other Chinese herbs. "If you buy your veg from Katmandu, then don't be surprised if it picks up a few tourists on the way", as they say in one of my all-time favourite films.

I spent a goodly amount of time scooping up the little maggots, and sending them out into the garden. Afterwards, I was hungry - my dear wife had left some food out for me, just in case.

Yellow pilau rice. Serving myself from the rice-cooker, a few yellow grains landed on the counter, which I had to pick up with my fingers. The yellow grains of rice almost felt as if they were wriggling. That was an unusual meal.



Jj said...


Hector Konomi said...

So, are those the maggots, or the rice? :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

That is the name of that film if I may ask?

Best wishes


Hobbes said...


A genuine classic. I'm not sure how well it translates into other cultures - it is unashamedly British.