06 March, 2013

Don't Worry, Teddy

Xiaohu Train

don't worry, teddy
this little blue scarf
is all yours


Hobbes said...

My eldest son has started "writing" haiku: cute phrases that, when set properly, capture a haiku spirit.

This one comes from, as you can imagine, his conversation with his teddy bear. There's something entirely charming about it that I couldn't resist.

To complete the haiga, I added a fairly recent photograph of the man himself, on one of his favourite modes of transport: the steam engine at the nearby wildlife park. It takes you past a stately home, which has... rhinos on the lawn. And giraffes. I had no idea that they could tolerate the cold English weather...



Hobbes said...

P.s. The pictured was selected for the echo of the "blue scarf".