03 July, 2013

This Old Tea

1997 8582

this old tea
tastes just like
the Lunyu

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Hobbes said...

In its character and educating tone, this old tea tasted just like the Analects - the pages turned to pu'ercha. It was as generous with its qualities as were the words of Kongzi.

The Analects are like many other texts containing wisdom from great thinkers: as the reader grows, so the Analects have something to say that is immediately relevant to the current stage of growth. Reading the Analects at school, I received a very superficial understanding. Coming back to them as an undergraduate, the Analects spoke directly to the mind of a growing young man, in greater depth than before. Returning recently, as an "early career researcher", the Analects demonstrate that they have a depth on indeterminable amount: the deeper the reader goes, the more the Analects have to say, always immediately relevant to my current circumstances.

It was only when reading the Analects over a cup of excellent old tea that I came to appreciate truly the depth of Kongzi's thinking, as perceived in my humble estimation, and the generosity of his spirit in striving to educate all his students - even those separated from him by many thousands of miles and years.