18 December, 2013

Osaka IV

you don't need
to bow to us all,
bus driver

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Hobbes said...

The irony is strong in this one.

The actual haiku is from, perhaps unsurprisingly, a bus in Osaka. I was impressed by the courtesy, even more so that the bowing had been built into the bus timetable - which was ruthlessly accurate. To the millisecond.

The irony comes in the photograph, which is from... a somewhat different society: Beijing. I got delayed by 48 (forty eight) hours in Beijing on the way home. The image shows one of the many airport buses shuttling me between airport and airline-arranged hotels. Amusingly, no-one spoke English, so I would advise that you only travel by Air China if you can break out some degree of Mandarin. Suffice to say, there was very little bowing in the Beijing buses.