28 May, 2014

Taijiquan, I

cold dew on bare feet
dawn sunshine lifts my spirit
white crane spreads wings

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Hobbes said...

I've practised taijiquan (often Westernised as "tai ch'i") for fifteen years now, and still find it indispensable. Oddly, I even taught it, early in the mornings in the University Parks, some years ago. My early-morning session these days necessarily has to occur before my two young boys wake (and the reading of stories begins). The haiku is about one of those sessions, when the warm light of the sun came to join me. "White crane spreads wings" is an expansive, defensive posture for blocking leg and head strikes, and it came just as the first rays of dawn sunshine landed their soft blows.

"White crane spreads wings" is also perfectly shown by my flower-carrying youngest son, Xiaolong, in the picture that makes this haiga. He seems to be a natural.