06 August, 2014

Wi-Fi Authenticator

you seem to know
my name, wi-fi authenticator
but I don't know yours

- Beijing Capital Airport, terminal 3


Unknown said...

Lovely modern haiku and beautiful photo!

Hobbes said...

This haiku was, as the caption suggests, composed in the (really rather attractive) Beijing airport. I was immediately surprised that (i) wi-fi was freely available, because you have to pay for it in most airports, and (ii) that the authenticator knew my name.

The data scientist within me was deeply impressed; the human within me was a little more cautious.

The image is of the airport itself, a fine piece of design from m'lord Foster, a British architect of some repute. Even I like his buildings, and I seldom like any building unless it is Tudor half-boarded, or, at least, made out of sandstone.

The pond in the picture has fish in it, too.



P.s. Thank you, Cody!