18 January, 2016

Catching Oneself

every moment
is an opportunity -
turn it all around

sit up, back straight
shoulders back, head up -
pour the tea

when you brew yourself,
pour yourself, drink yourself -
this is zazen

I catch myself
writing about zazen -
steam from the teapot


Hobbes said...

(i) A favourite film, Vanilla Sky, while being a lot of fun, has some zen in it - especially this phrase, spoken by one of the main characters.

(ii) Every moment is indeed an opportunity to turn it all around. What, then, must we do? We cannot quench our thirst by reading about a glass of water.

(iii) This is not abstract silliness, but a very straightforward haiku that has the spirit of drinking the glass of water. Zazen is not reading about zen, but about brewing the tea - easy enough, right?

(iv) My favourite, by far, were I to be permitted favourites. I have written this haiku several times. I toyed with deleting the previous three, and leaving this on its own, but this comment will suffice.

Unknown said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing.