05 April, 2007

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Greetings, gentle Reader. This site is planned to be a transliteration of the tea-related entries in my diaries into an electronic format. Though primarily and unashamedly for my own use, in maintaining a single reference of tea notes that now span six or seven books, they would be wasted without being able to provide a little partial information for you, the Reader. Given that these entries will be directly taken from pen-and-ink diaries, you will have to forgive the eccentricities of style and format that tend to accompany such things.

For those more seriously interested in the details of this sweet pass-time, I recommend the journals on the left ("My Diurnal Digest"), each which of brings something unique of their respective authors' character to the subject of tea.

The spirit of tea, the same spirit that Dogen expressed by returning his half-dipper to the river, speaks clearly from each author in that list, and is combined with their expertise and breadth of knowledge to which these humble notes can only aspire.

Thanks for reading.



~ Phyll said...

Let me be the first to say that I am excited to have learned of your web log's creation and the potential content it will contain. I look forward to learning from your past, present and future insight!



Vladimir Lukiyanov said...

Let me be the second to say...

Good luck with your blog!


Anonymous said...

Let me be the third offer some form of 'good luck' wishes and the first to say 'Holy Mother...your pictures are AMAZING."

I certainly look forward to reading some of your journal transliterations!

Hobbes said...

Dear chaps and chapesse,

Many thanks for the kind words; do call in again. :)



Iwachu said...

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looking forward to share knowledge about tea through this page...
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