29 April, 2007

Tea Tasting Event

I recently received an e-mail from Lisa, of TeaCuppa.com, who is keen to support a community tea-tasting event. Given the previous success of such tastings, I felt sure that this would be something that the community would enjoy. To that end, I would very much appreciate it if you would cast your eye over the following, to see if you're interested.

Community Tea-Tasting Event
Sponsored by TeaCuppa

You will receive six samples - three shupu [cooked/ripe/black], and three shengpu [uncooked/raw/green]. Your task is to "blind taste" and match the six samples with the following six bing:
1) 2005 Menghai Tiandiren Factory (Shupu)
2) 2005 Luxi Tea Co. Organic 8821 (Shupu)
3) 2005 CNNP (Shupu)
4) 2005 Jiangcheng Wild (Shengpu)
5) 2005 CNNP "Big Blue Mark" (Shengpu)
6) 2005 Simao Wild (Shengpu)

The rules:

i. Samples for this event will be sent out within the next week. Please only commit to joining if you are able to taste and review the six samples within two weeks of receiving them.

ii. Please e-mail your notes to me, so that I can draw the opinions together. You're free to post on your own sites, if you have them, whenever you wish.

iii. Don't worry if you can't match samples to the actual bing - the goal is not to compete, but to have fun in the event, and perhaps learn a little. The real aim of this exercise is to see how these teas hold up to anonymous scrutiny, to see how we variously and individually examine teas, and to determine what consensus decisions (in any) we can find for these teas.

iv. Please contact hobbesoxon AT googlemail DOT com if you would like to take part. 10 places are available in all, some of which have been nepotistically filled by those whom I've already e-mailed [evil grin].

Update: the available places have been filled; thanks for all the e-mails! Individual responses have been sent to each.


Neither Hobbes nor the Half-Dipper has any connection with the sponsors; this event is arranged entirely pro bono publico. Samples will be sent directly from Lisa @ TeaCuppa. There is no charge for this event.


Anonymous said...

Of course I want in. just dropped you an email, hope you receive it in time.



Hobbes said...

Thanks, Ian - I've responded.

Kind regards, and toodlepip,


Anonymous said...

This business is a usenet shiller / spammer. http://groups.google.com/group/rec.food.drink.tea/browse_thread/thread/76a1e0c05e0c3ca1/3d31b54b04acfe43?lnk=gst&q=cuppa&rnum=12#3d31b54b04acfe43