09 October, 2009

2002 Yiwu "Wild"

Teamasters sells some nice pu'er - however, I can't usually get the prices past the budgetary committee of the People's Republic of Lei.

Here's a sample that the PRL accepted through its stringent customs control.

2002 Yiwu Teamasters

This is an attractive tea. The leaves, shown above, are beautiful and long, yet black. The huangpian [yellow flakes] are starting to turn orange - it's often interesting to consider the colour of the huangpian and tips, because it seems that they're less easy to cook/oxidise into looking mature.

2002 Yiwu Teamasters

This turns out to be a straight orange colour, as you can see. In the aroma cup, the expected sweet darkness of 7-year-old Yiwu. In the mouth, it shows a highly vibrant, thick body, with a fine cooling sensation.

It has plenty of maltiness, which feels a little artificial - it even reminds me of the hongcha made from wulong leaves that Teamasters sells. Unfortunately, this red tone seemed to dominate the proceedings and, as with many red pu'er, it didn't develop and seemed a touch one-dimensional.

2002 Yiwu Teamasters

The colours of the leaves are a mixture of natural-coloured and more oxidised. Like many red teas, it's also almost impossible to overbrew. I let it sit for whole minutes, and the result is largely the same. By the sixth infusion, I am having to overbrew in order to get much out of it.

It starts well, with a great feeling in the mouth, but I'm naturally biassed against this kind of pu'er, I think. "Different strokes for different folks", so they say, and I have to admit that this one didn't really tickle me, unlike, for example, some of the Lincang cakes from Teamasters.

Better luck next time, Hobbes.

Red Bobbly Lifeform
It's a wee bit red for my tastes


sp1key said...

Those greenery is a rarity around here.... priceless photo

Simeon said...

Hi Hobbes , Stephane has a 2003 Yiwu " Wild " puerh available in the Teas and Wares section on his web site , can not see a 2002 Yiwu ? I have a sample of the 2003 . My thoughts about it correspond very closely with yours here about the 2002 - The same puerh ? The 2003 seems to produce better and more interesting results if you brew it the way Stephane recomends - about half your usual amount of leaf and long steap times . Treat yourself to a 10 gram sample of Menghai factory 2003 Yiwu " Wild " puerh from www.jingtea.com . A touch expensive but very nice . It has some lovely notes of sandlewood and Havana cigar tobacco to it . Did you ever get round to trying a sample of Nada's late 90's Da Huang Yin ? All the best !

Wojciech Bońkowski said...

Great many thanks for the update.
Like Simeon above, I'm familiar with the 2003 Yiwu from TM but not the 2002. Surely it must be quite some time since you bought this one?
You've inspired me to relook at the oh-so-expensive 2006 Lincang from TM today.
Best, Nerval

Hobbes said...

Dear Sp1key,

There must be some greenery near Hong Kong, surely :)

Dear Simeon,

I don't think I've tried the Teamasters 2003, but the 2006 was very nice. Definitely one to sample. You know, I've not yet had time to check out the 90s Huangyin from Nadacha, but look forward to doing so when the house renovations are completed!

Your description of the Jingtea.com 2003 sounds extraordinarily appealing - just my favourite kind of pu'er. I wouldn't buy whole cakes from them on ethical grounds (due to the prices - they appear to be set up to sell to a mainstream British audience that doesn't buy on-line elsewhere), but their sample is not too expensive!

Dear Nerval,

I've had this sample for about a year, I think, maybe less. Enjoy your session with the 2006!



Anonymous said...

That's funny because I'd probably go gaga for a Puerh like this. Malty to the point of being one-track? That's just what I like. Could it be overdone even though malty is just about my favorite tea taste? Perhaps. But I'd be unlikely to be critical. --Teaternity