02 October, 2009

2008 Xiaguan - FT "#6"

I'm just about to reach 2008 Xiaguan special-production saturation... but before I do, I have time to quickly try the FT #6!

Very many thanks to KC/sp1key for this generous sample.

Sleeping Soldiers
Black, husky numbers are the Xiaguan special-production oeuvre

You know that I love these Xiaguan specials. I've bought a number of them this year, but am now deliberately scaling back because I think I've got enough. I'm not convinced that all these inexpensive, smoky cakes are going to do too well in future, but am enjoying them while they're young. Of course, if they turn into something amazing, that wouldn't hurt.

2008 Xiaguan FT6

Shown above, this tea is made from small, dark leaves. They come with a sharp, leathery aroma, and the compression is high - so I am quite conservative with the leaf quantity.

Unsurprisingly, it's rather orange. The body is a little thin and easily becomes rough if you push it too hard. However, if you keep it within its comfort zone, it is sweet, grain-like, and has plenty of Xiaguan black-smoke tobacco at the end.

2008 Xiaguan FT6

If, by some amazing feat, you haven't bought any Xiaguan specials lately, then you might like this one. I enjoyed the FT #4 from 2007, which was a bit more green, and this FT #6 certainly fills out a cup nicely. You know what to expect by now, of course, so don't expect miracles. In its own contained, "orange" way, though, it makes for a pleasant cup.


Anonymous said...

Today is Chinese Moon-cake festival, happy moon-cake day for you and Lei Lei.


Hobbes said...

Is it?! Crikey, thanks! I didn't realise - time to find some yuebing!

Happy moonday,


Anonymous said...

I like those grainy flavors since I'm vegetarian. They can pair well with my simple diet. I call it the Tea Lifestyle Diet. However, if this tea is smoky, then it might be better paired with richer food. --Teaternity