08 June, 2010

2009 Douji "Naka"

For those many Xiaguan fans out there, who like your pu'er dark and woody, you might like to try this "Naka".

The Old Willow
The woodpile increased in size after I gave our willow tree a haircut

You don't often come across pu'er from Naka.  I remember one from Nadacha in past years, but very little else.  Perhaps they get swamped by the larger "Mengsong" label.

2009 Douji Naka
Apparently, these photographs were taken in the pre-dawn light!

Unlike the other cakes in this 2009 series, the Naka is made from particularly small leaves.  It's almost old-fashioned.  It is a rough, heterogenous blend, containing stems and all sorts, which I rather like.

2009 Douji Naka
Tiny leaves, on the whole

Surprisingly, this tea is bright yellow.  However, while it has the body of good, clean pu'er, it has a huskiness that will be familiar to fans of modern Xiaguan.  Something is definitely afoot with this cake.  It has a heavy, dark, tobacco-like tone that blends well with the darkly-sweet leather flavour.

Despite the curiously dark flavour, there is plenty of raw leaf here - the kuwei [bitter flavour] grips the tongue and won't let go.

2009 Douji Naka

It's plantation content becomes clear as the infusions wear on, but this is a very decent blend.  The strength is notable, and the caffeine level really knocked me for six, having woken early before the dawn.  While the huskiness is a touch suspicious, and reminiscent of the really rather terrible 7742 blend from Dayi, there is enough raw shengpu here to keep me interested.

Is it "Naka" in character?  Heaven knows.  More data are required!


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible for you to provide me with a way to write Douji in chinese so that I may search for it on Taobao?

It would be most helpful....


Hobbes said...

Dear Terje,

Babelcarp has the answer!