04 March, 2011

Eight Immortals Mountain

Floating Leaf

Eight Immortals Mountain
isn't going anywhere


Hobbes said...

The Eight Immortals (Baxian) are figures in Chinese mythology, who famously banded together to use their powers to cross a sea by boat. On the beautiful Li River in Guanxi, there is a mountain named "Baxianshan", because it looks like a bunch of eight immortals crowded into their boat.

As we drifted past Baxianshan on the river, I realised that they weren't going to reach their destination any time soon.

Unrelated to the haiku, and unknown to us at the time, my wife and I were accompanied on our river voyage by our unborn son. We didn't know about him until we had returned to England...

So, I feel quite close to this haiku. Even though the Baxian aren't going anywhere, my little son travelled all the way to China and back, past the Baxian in their boat, without us even knowing about him.



Hobbes said...

I am secretly quite happy that the haiga (haiku + image) works rather well - is the leaf getting anywhere? Is it the Baxian in their boat? Do they fall from the trees, and float across the city's river every year?

Haiga are good fun. There should be the same kind of "ahah!" moment that links the image to the haiku, as there exists within the haiku itself. They need not be the same "ahah" moment, as is the case with this haiku and haiga.