17 March, 2011

2010 Douji "Hetianxia"

Oh, shupu. With your idiosyncratic ways.  Your occasional violent bacterial payloads.  Your charming woodiness.

I've never come across a Douji shupu.  I figured that after waking early following a particular nasty Indian meal last night, the comfort of a nice shupu is just what the doctor ordered.

2010 Douji Peace World

The cake's name, Hetianxia [her-tee'an-shee'ah] roughly means "peace-world".  Even Douji's shupu, it seems,  is reliable.

Most importantly, it's clean.  I like its full body, and its sweet nature.  This 2010 version is unusually interesting for a shupu, being resonant in the mouth, and actively captivating.  You can't say that about many shupu cakes.

I finish the tea, clear away the pots, and then build a charming set of nested tables, all before the sun has risen.

I shall tell my dear wife that the tables must have been assembled by helpful imps...


spongy said...

Hello Hobbes,

I'm wondering, where did you obtain this tea? I've searched my catalog of chinese tea sellers to no avail.


The Green Poet

Hobbes said...

Dear Green Poet,

It's sold under the name of 2010 "Peace World" at China Chadao, currently for $14. The 2009 version is $17. It's good shupu, and it's priced properly.



Bryan said...

Ah! Thank you, Hobbes. I must have overlooked when I visited the site the other day.