30 June, 2011

2000s Langhe "Teji" Tuocha

I call this one "Cylon Tea" (i.e., not "Ceylon").  Have a gander at the wrapper, and see if you guess why that might be...

If you don't know your science fiction, then I'm afraid you're beyond my help.

2000s Langhe Teji

Every day is Christmas when Keng sends me tea.  Our mind-bendingly generous Singaporean teachum has this time provided a tuocha from a factory that I have not encountered before - perhaps because they are based on a distant planet, as befits their Cylon nature.

In an attempt to determine the age of this extra-terrestrial specimen, judicious scouring of Taobao leads me to conclude that it probably comes from somewhere in the 2000-2006 interval.

2000s Langhe Teji

Feast your thirsty eyes on that dome of rusticated tips, pictured below.  This little fellow has been well-aged, although it has little aroma.  "Teji" [ter-gee] refers to an apparently high grade of leaf, but really those grades are useful only for comparing products from within the same factory, requiring knowledge of how that factory ranks the grades.  As it is, I know little about our Cylon friends, and so conclude little from the name.

I am quite amused by the wrapper, however, which reads "MENGHAI TUOCHA" across the top in Chinese characters, with the factory's actual name (Menghai Langhe) appearing in smaller letters at the bottom.

2000s Langhe Teji

It takes me a while to twig that this is actually shupu.  When the water hits the leaves, the unmistakeable aroma reminds me that I am being a twit.  The shengpu versions have a green Cylon wrapper, while the red corresponds to shupu.  Even the grade "teji" is most often applied to varieties of shupu.

2000s Langhe Teji

It is powdery, in the manner of most shupu, but very pleasant and clean.  I brew it hard, as I tend to do with most shupu, to wring every last drop of power out of it, and the results are satisfying on a cold day.

Thanks again to Keng for yet another good tea session.


Unknown said...

I am still early on in the series, but I wouldn't mind being one, I mean look at their female versions!

Anonymous said...

I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, but I can't make a connection. Could it be Battlestar Galactica? Is this something one should see?

Terje (on holiday!!!!!)

Hobbes said...


It is, naturally, a reference to the race of alien machines in Battlestar Galactica. The original television series was good when I was under ten years of age; there are recent television series which are re-imaginings, in a "dark future" sort of way. I watched one or two thinking that it would be amusing to see what they'd done with a childhood classic, and suddenly I found myself watching all of the episodes. :)