18 June, 2011

English Storage, II

2007 Xizihao 8582

Recent discussion of the 8582 recipe brought to mind my Xizihao version from four years ago.  This is an important cake for me, because it was one of the first that I bought in which 100% of its life has been spent with us here in England, which makes it a very useful tool for inspecting the efficacy of English storage.

Let's head over to the Xizihao 8582 page for further discussion.   (The new bit has been appended there, so please scroll down on arrival...)

Cf. English Storage.


tieguanyin said...

At this rate, there will be a new storage style for puerh - Old Blighty style. May even compete with HK style ;)! Many thanks for this update on storage.

Happy Storage :),


Hobbes said...

"If you want 'em stored cold and damp, then I'm your man!"