13 January, 2012

The Generosity of Teachums

I arrived at work recently to find a surprise parcel waiting for me...

2006 Douji Shengtai Gushu

I believe, if memory serves me correctly, that I let out a little girly yelp when I opened the box.

Copious uberthanks to Apache for the lovely gift - you might recall that this is a cake I tried, loved, described here, and then consequently couldn't buy.  What a star.


MarshalN said...

Did you ever find this tea on Taobaowang?

I'm going to start making forays into the Guangzhou area tea markets, with perhaps a first stop in Dongguan for their cheaper and cheerier prices. Will report once trip is made.

Hobbes said...

Dear 'N,

I don't believe that I found it there, so look forward to reading about your exploration of Dongguan. Good luck out there! It's a lovely cake (if you like Douji).



tT said...


I'm very glad to see that you benefit from such generosity, as I was the one to snap up the last cake of this from YS a few months back (probably just hours before you returned to buy it if it was still available). I know, I'm a scoundrel :D

I enjoyed my first session with this tea this week and it possesses very distinctive characteristics compared to other sheng I've tried.

I look forward to your updates as always

Hobbes said...

Dear tT,

All is fair in love, war, and tea. It's good for me to have some tea unavailable - there's something distinctly unhealthy about having everything one wants. :)

It's a good tea, and I'm glad to read that you're enjoying it.