10 January, 2012

Red Sun


red sun
slides up the tail-fin
and turns yellow


Hobbes said...

You know it's early when you're watching the sun rise. You know you're far from home when that sun is rising by sliding up the tail-fin of a huge aeroplane. The Dubai sun was scarlet, but soon became yellow. Given the snoozing of my fellow passengers, waiting in the airport lounge along with me, I suspect that I may have been the only one to see it.

Transient, colourful, and solitary - much like the teaflower that my dear wife had put on my tea-table when I arrived back at home.



Richard Zhang said...

Dear Hobbes:

How are you.

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Hobbes said...

Dear Richard,

Thanks for the generous offer - I've sent an e-mail to you.

All the best,