26 November, 2014

Chinese, VII

goodbye, old friend -
for looking after me, I thank
my hotel room

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Hobbes said...

Sometimes, it's important to thank your hotel room. I felt a material bond to my room on Zhichunlu this time around. I tend to stay in the same hotel when in Beijing, and am therefore beginning to feel a little attached to it. Checking out, before dawn, I looked back down the hall one last time before locking the door, and said my "thank you".

After that point, every nuance of travel on the way back to England worked in my favour. The spirit of my hotel room, perhaps some kindly dryad, was watching over me still.

The image is from an entirely different journey: a hotel room that cost an extraordinary amount, and which was bought while in transit on the way back from Japan, because (as always) flights over Beijing were delayed. I did not at all enjoy the spirit of my hotel room on that occasion, and, indeed, was in China without a real visa. I was happy to leave, and I believe that the (terribly expensive, and just generally terrible) hotel room was glad to see me go.