19 October, 2009

Late 1990s Menghai 8582

KC has been spoling us with great tea. This 1990s version of the 8582 should prove fascinating, as it is one of my favourite Menghai recipes. In my bizarre Dayi family hierarchy, I liken 8582 to the second daughter.

I spy a few "golden flower" yellow crystals (click to enlarge)

This is a shicang [wet store] example of the large-leafed Menghai classic. Sure enough, the dark leaves are large fragments of large "8" leaves. The aroma is pure, energetic shicang. Some of the leaves remain red-brown, particularly the huangpian [yellow flakes], which typically get left in this recipe.


I have been adopting the habit of drinking aged tea at the week-ends, when time permits me to give the tea the attention that it deserves. This makes the sessions even more precious, and teas like this one kindly provided by KC really make our week-end. It's a sincere treat to kick back with a lovely old tea after a busy week.

The soup is solid amber, and it rapidly adopts the flinty shicang character that I love so much. It is surprisingly tart, however! Lei notes, "It is very strong at the back of the tongue, to the sides - the feeling of having something that is particularly sweet."

The 8582 elegant sweetness has been emphasised over time, and it's highly enjoyable.

It has the remainder of the kuwei [pleasant bitter taste] from its youth, indicating that it still has a way to go before it is "old". Perhaps a little emptier than some aged classics, I wonder if this is due to the shicang.

Either way, it was a sweet, woody treat and an education to behold.

Sweet, sweet, sweet - a classic recipe


Dave said...

the aroma cup looks delicious, nice picture (and blog).

Hobbes said...

Thanks, Dave - I'm glad that you've enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

A decade old and it's sweeter as the years go by. Is this common with aged Puerh? It seems not. That would make this a tea I'd like to drink of. --Teaternity

Zero the Hero said...

Fast and bulbous.

That's right, the mascara snake. Fast and bulbous. Also, a tin teardrop.

Bulbous also tapered!

Zero the Hero said...

Uh-hrrrm! Please excuse my outburst, I think I had too much Captain Beefheart for breakfast yesterday morning. Your heirloom tomatoes look awesome...

Hobbes said...

And tasty they were, too :)