30 September, 2010

2010 Essence of Tea "Nannuo"

I got on very well with the Nannuo from Nada's previous, first tea years of productions (cf. the 2008 and 2009). This year, something is awry!

2010 Nadacha Nannuo

It has mixed leaves, including huangpian [yellow flakes].  The soup comes out pale yellow, and the scent, while sweet, is thin and quiet.  It is cooling on the lips, but provides no kuwei [bitterness].  It is accessible - but not a great tea, this year.

2010 Nadacha Nannuo

In fairness to the vendor, Essence of Tea, the product was originally withdrawn from sale - I'm not sure of its status now.  "A little weak and one-dimensional", remarked Lei.

2010 Nadacha Nannuo

Something is definitely afoot with this poor old tea.  Given that I recall reading from Nada's blog that he usually stays with the family that makes this tea, I can only assume that there has been some over-cooking or something similar.  There is a dry, ever-so-slightly burned character to the tea.  While not at all bad, it's not up to the usual standard.  Fingers remain crossed for the 2011 Nannuo, for a return to its sweet, wildly floral form.

In the words of Keats, "It's not right, but it's OK."


Sir William of the Leaf said...

What would be a good tea to try to really understand Nannuo?

flo said...

among young sheng cha accessible online, I would think of zhizhengtea's 2009 and 2010 nan nuo.
you can get samples on their site.
I found the 2009 maybe a bit more qualitative and fuller than the 2010, but as a few months>>1 year is like an "élevage" time and as I have not tasted the 2009 when it was released I take my comparison with a few grains of salt. I would think it is interesting to sample both.

Hobbes said...

Dear William,

The 2009 Nadacha "Nannuo" was really good - and most typical of good tea from the region, I think.

Best wishes,


Iced Tea Brewers said...

The 2009 Nadacha "Nannuo" looking good i will taste it soon