16 February, 2008

2007 Taiwan "Foshou" Nongxiang

Who sent me this? Own up!

It's delicious.

I think it was DL or MA... but it might have been DV. Forgive my ailing memory - it's been a while since I last enjoyed it, but I just noticed that there were no Half-Dipper notes for this little number. It's still available from Houde for $18/2oz, and should be fine all the way through 2008 courtesy of its roast.

This is a more "traditionally-roasted" wulong, as can be seen from the darkness of the bundles in the photograph above. They seem to sit more comfortably on the oft-delicate Asian stomach than some more green varieties of wulong, yet even my coarse old Saxon constitution finds the rounded roast of this tea to be warming and welcome on this bitterly inclement day.

I don't drink enough nongxiang wulong.

Perhaps, like other heavily-processed teas, this is because it can be hard to find good examples. All too often, cheaper leaves hide behind the heavy processing. Lapsang souchong and shupu fall into this category, too.

(By the way, if you have any recommendations for a super-delicious lapsang, they would be gratefully received.)

It is a cold Saturday, and we drink this lovely little tea to the music from Hong Lou Meng [Dream of Red Mansions]. The "Foshou" is "Buddha's Hand", named after the Cthulu-flower often offered in Buddhist temples:

The soup is a rich orange, and yet has excellent clarity - it is pure glass. The burned honey aroma is very active in the nose, and lingers for whole minutes. "The scent lingers forever."

Satisfying flavours: a base of "tea", with a crisp roast that has not been overdone. The huigan is rich in its sweetness, the texture thick.

What an enjoyable, hand-picked treat. I find the nature of this tea to be particularly calming, and my heart slows noticeably, as if I had my feet in a bath of warm water.

It is a good tea, and I am thankful.


Brent said...

Sounds great! I might have to pick some up soon. Lovely flowers, by the way-- I've always wanted to spruce up my tea space, I'm just too lazy to go buy any foliage. :)


Hobbes said...

Dear Brent,

Same here, many thanks to my wife for the lovely arrangements. :)



Anonymous said...

Hi from Italy! If you are looking for something interesting in the Lapsang family, you may want to try the one at sale at the M3T: its cheap (in the range of 15 euros per 100gr, I think) and it is very different from most Lapsangs on the market. Very fine, light and delicate smoke flavour, light red in color. I've finished mine or else I would send you a sample.

tb. said...

(emerges from the brush...)

I must say, that has to be one of the most interesting flowers I have ever seen. Where does one go about finding such things?


Davelcorp said...

Howdy DC

I think I'm the one who sent you the sample. I bought a mid-size quantity of that tea a while back and used it as an everyday tea for school. I loved the roasting on it.

Guang included a sample in one of my orders, and I found it again after already purchasing my lot -- so the sample went to you. I'm now out of this tea, and thinking about getting some more.

I find it not very complex or long-lived, but as you say, it is a very calming tea. The roast fills me up with warmth that lingers long after the taste is gone.

Bill said...

I also loved this tea. I tasted deep berry. It was indeed a nice experience. Again, a wonderful presentation!

Bill Aka Hop

Anonymous said...

Citrus medica/Budda's Hand citron


Stephane said...

Agree. The flowers are beautiful. So are the pictures. It's nice to see that tea is so inspiring and makes you so creative. Happy New Year!

Hobbes said...

Dear Antonio,

Thanks for the M3T recommendation! It makes sense that they'd carry a nice one, as I associate lapsang souchong with the French palate for some reason. Is it possible to order from M3T remotely? I notice that their web-site has been under construction for the past year, for example!

Dear TB,

Garden centres!

Dear Dave,

I thought it was you that sent the tea, as I wrote that in my paper diary - thanks again! I'm about to run out of this tea, now, too as I come to the end of your generous sample.

Do you (or anyone else) have other recommendations for a good heavily-roasted wulong?

Dear Bill,

Berry, I can see that. Rich, low, deep - yes indeed.

Salut, Stephane,

Happy new year to you and your family, too. I thought that you'd approve of the floral touches, given your photos. :)

Toodlepip all,


Anonymous said...

Hi again! To order tea from the M3T, I suggest you call them. Their number is 0033. They speak English and can give you all the details on the teas they carry.