12 December, 2009

Game Over, Man - Game Over

It seems that my DPhil examiners were careless in my viva, because they've passed me! Thanks to all those who sent comments and e-mails of support / comfort over the last week.

See you all in the New Year!

Dr. Hobbes circa 4 p.m. yesterday


Terje said...

To Dr. Hobbes


Hobbes said...

Thanks, Terje - that's going to take some getting used to. :)



Kim said...

Congrats !! Time to drink (and store ?) a special tea !!

Hobbes said...

Thanks, Dr. Kim! Maybe time to slump over a cup in a Beijing teahouse... :)

Jamus said...

Ooh step aside, there's a dangerous man on the loose! Congrats my friend! ^__^


Hobbes said...

Thank you, Big Man =)

Good to see you writing again!

Best wishes to you and Grace,


Jamus said...

Year-one down as a single parent; just needed a few months to completely freak out and lose my marbles so I could pull it all back together again.

"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology!"

On any given day, the expression I lugged about was something to the effect of


Best wishes to you and your wife,

Matt said...


Surprisingly Christmas in China is quite festive these days, especially in the commercial shopping areas and in the markets.

Expect to see more Christmas lights, light-up Santas, and fake Christmas trees in China than England!

(Although the religious aspect of Christmas in China is completely non-existent. This was evident when one heard an edited version of "Joy To The World" sung by a Christmas Choir in China a few years back. Apparently there was a bit of unease with the line "God rules the world..")

Enjoy your time with family.


Israel said...

Well done! Enjoy your travels!


speakfreely said...

Congratulations, and don't forget:

PhD = Piled Higher and Deeper

Jamus said...

@Speakfreely is that anything like wo dui? :-)

MarshalN said...

Time to break out some good tea to celebrate!

Jason said...

Dear Dr. Hobbes,


All the Best,

Hobbes said...

Thanks, all :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend. Dr. Tea. :)


Lew Perin said...

I was sipping this Alishan and finding it ridiculously rich while still fruity and minty. Now I think I know why. Congratulations, Doc!

Hobbes said...

Hah, thanks Lew and Seb ;)

speakfreely said...

Bravo Jamus! LOL! Much better for it to be big piles of tea.

tieguanyin said...

Felicitations Docteur Hobbes =D!

sp1key said...

sup doc! good job with that pic too haha

Hobbes said...

Thank'ee, thank'ee :)

You can't argue with Winston!

davidn said...


Please let us know what you decide to drink to celebrate the occasion :)

Anonymous said...

Marvellous. Congratulations. May your spirit soar to the farthest constellations.

Hobbes said...

Dear Davidn,

Thanks very much! My friends were in charge of the drinks, but not much tea was consumed... ;)



Adam Yusko said...

I don't know how I missed this post several days ago.

But Congratulations, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

toki said...

Yes! A Hoyo de Monterrey Julieta No. 2 on me, Dr. Hobbes : ) Cheers! ~ Tim

Hobbes said...

Adam and Tim - too kind, thank'ee, thank'ee. :)

ginkgo said...

bravo bravo bravo !!!!! nice to ea that it is over and well passed ! congratulations ! I hope you can rest a little and wish you and wife a good stay in china and the best for 2010 with the tea for friend to stay with.

shibumi said...


Congratulations, well deserved I'm sure!

Veri-Tea said...

Only just caught up on this - Congratulations Dr Hobbes, what wonderful news :) - hope everything else is easing up too. Looking forward to reading more in 2010!

Lainie Petersen said...

Late to the party here, but congratulations!

Hobbes said...

Ta muchly!

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