15 February, 2010

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Lei and I wish you a very happy Year of the Tiger!  May it bring you peace and good tea...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lei & David,
We both wish you and your family 春節快樂,心想事成,虎年吉祥!
Kathy & David

Hobbes said...

Thanks! Same to you. They say that "Hu Nian" is a good year for children, no? :)

sp1key said...

Nice handwriting Hobbes, Wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year.

Every year is a good year for kids! =) apparently 'hu nian' isn't a good year for marriage though.


Anonymous said...

I was born in " Hu Nian"( Tiger Year). If you and Lei have a "little Hu Baby". I (the big Hu) would like to visit your and the baby. : )

Hobbes said...

Dear Kenny,

The handwriting is, in fact, that of our neighbour's five-year-old (English!) children - not bad at all!

Dear Kathy,

I'm a dragon, Lei is a "little dragon". :)

You are always welcome!



tieguanyin said...

I have a friend who was born in "Hu Nian" as is her mother-in-law. She tells me it can sometimes make for "bumpy" family reunions. Maybe a confirmation of Sp1key comment ;)? Just kidding.

Happy New Year!


PS: It looks like Xiaguan (the favorite liquid tobacco purveyor of this blog =)!) has released a
and a
to mark the occasion =D!

Hobbes said...

Dear TGY,

Xiaguan... no bandwagon too small to jump on, no opportunity too flimsy, no occassion too tenuous to celebrate. :)

I can almost guess what the Tiger-Year Tea tastes like!



tieguanyin said...

True, however I am disappointed that they did not issue a commemorative cake or tuo in recognition of the successful completion of your DPhil. I am surprised El Presidente of the XG fan club (Tony Shlongini) has not issued a formal complaint! Without the Half-Dipper, their sales to the West would represent only 0.001% instead of 0.005% of their total revenue ;)!

My guess, the flavour would be tobacco-like with a scorching mouth and throat feel, as if delivered by the claws of a tiger :)!

Bonne Annee =D!