15 January, 2011

2010 Wuhao "Yiwu"

Here's a bit of fun, kindly provided by Jerry of China Chadao, which I believe he is considering stocking. Wuhao means "Number five brand", and that's all I know of it!  Jerry mentioned that it was created by a small producer.

2010 Wuhao Yiwu

The leaves look excellent - they certainly have the appearance of being a small production run, being large, loose, and well-blended.  It has all grades, from tips to huangpian [yellow flakes].

2010 Wuhao Yiwu

Noting that this is a very new cake, the orange-yellow soup is the colour of human intervention.  Sure enough, this tea is truly, massively, exceptionally fruity, with no bitterness present whatsoever.  It has tons of sweetness, that lasts long in the mouth.

2010 Wuhao Yiwu

This is archetypical "gift tea" - it's the kind of tea that is very high quality, and very accessible, which you'd give to someone as a gift, which you can be sure they'd enjoy.  Among my friends, almost all dislike pu'ercha, among those few that have tried it.  This would make an ideal cake for them.  They could have all the fun of drinking pu'ercha, without the need to actually drink it.

I believe the price was nice and low (RMB 100ish?), which is entirely appropriate for something like this.  It won't age, but I get the impression that it's not intended to do so.

Thanks to Jerry for a cake which will go down very well on a summer's day, much like the purple-leaf Shouyixuan.  Here's hoping for some summer days...


Kort said...

Thank you for reviewing this mysterious No. 5 tea. It sounds exactly like the kind of tea I want when I am out of oolong but am not in the mood for a traditional pu'ercha. My best to you and the family.

Hobbes said...

Thanks, Kort. I'm not sure where it's available, but it's kind are worth trying for some lo-fi drinking, particularly with friends. The purple-leaf brick sold by Yunnan Sourcing and Holy Mountain is another classic for non-pu'er drinkers.