28 January, 2012

2000 CNNP - Zhongcha "Lanyin"

Germany.  Land of the bratwurst, the bierfest, brilliant words such as "der Durchfall",  and to my erstwhile teachum, Herr Dr. Kim, who continues to spoil Lei, Xiaohu, and I with Christmas packages of delicious stollen.  Burp.

2000 CNNP Zhongcha

Ever generous, the good doctor hacked away a chunk of this rather interesting "Blue Label" cake that he had recently bought from Taobao.  I have visited it on several occasions, and so it is high time that I put electrons to paper and write about it.

While it may look something not entirely dissimilar to a semi-circular turd (pictured above), the constituent leaves are chunky indeed:

2000 CNNP Zhongcha

The aroma smacks you around the chops, and promises that, despite three hours of sleep (due to a teething son), some semblance of consciousness is but a cup away.  

It is a strong, shicang aroma of wet books, and I love it dearly.  Spicy.  Humid.  Rancid.  Delicious.

2000 CNNP Zhongcha

I enjoy this tea's decidedly mineral-like qualities, and its entire character is of sharp, spiced wood.  I am reminded of orange peel, tamarind, and the spices that one might use to mull wine at Christmas.  In the midst of it all, a core of sweetness that seems in no hurry to disappear after the swallow.

As with most older teas, I am generous with the number of leaves in the pot - I find that it is hard to overbrew old pu'ercha, and the risk of underbrewing is more significant than with deadly, younger leaves.  This lends the soup a certain thickness, and a smoothness that adheres to the lips.  My tongue feels noticeably, remarkably cooler after two infusions.

Thanks again, Dr.Kim - this tea is all warmth and comfort.  Both of these are qualities that a tired father welcomes in abundance.

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NorberT said...

"brilliant words such as "der Durchfall"....ROFL
I know just a few German words but accidentally this is one of them :)