12 September, 2012

Concert in the Quad

Our House

concert in the quad
pockets filled with rain
and cannonfire

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Hobbes said...

Lei, some friends, and I went to listen to a local orchestra playing the 1812 and some other related works in an open-air concert in the quad of Christ Church college. Ranks chairs were arranged in front of the large podium; the place was packed with punters ready for a pleasant Saturday night... and it was pouring a deluge. This was really very heavy rain. The orchestra decided to go ahead (a decision perhaps aided by the fact that their podium was covered), and the audience sat through the storm, listening to Tchaikovsky. The chaps in front of us were wearing full black tie (American: tuxedo). Everything and everyone was waterlogged.

The concert ended in the usual way: fireworks aplenty, and cannons fired by the local "Napoleonic Society". I still feel the cold dampness combined with the crescendo, when I read the haiku.

The image is an old sketch that I made in conversation with my girlfriend of the time (Lei!), in which we were planning our "ideal home". It feels a little Mediterranean, a little Chinese, and appears to be based around a quad. I imagine a small orchestra and ranks of damp enthusiasts sitting through a storm...